2020 Census Community Grant Program

Community Grants - Application Now Closed.

Census 2020 is just over 6 months away! To make sure all of our neighbors are counted, community groups, nonprofits, neighbors, faith houses, and organizations connected to hard-to-count populations are eligible to apply for Census Community Grants.

A census tract is identified as hard-to-count when 73% or less of households returned a Census survey in 2010. You can search hard-to-count communities across Baltimore here.

Trusted messengers with ties to hard-to-count communities have been proven the best motivators for Census completion. That’s why Baltimore is looking forward to providing support to community-led Census awareness campaigns and events to make sure all residents understand that the Census impacts: 1) federal funding for housing, transportation, education, youth programming, hunger and other programs, 2) state and federal legislative district boundaries and 3) long-range planning by all levels of government to better serve the needs of our community. 

In addition to general Census outreach, funds can also be used to purchase technology to enable community members to complete the first-ever online Census.