Everyone in Baltimore Counts!

Every Baltimore resident must be counted to ensure we get our fair share of federal funds for essential programs that cover health care, education, housing, economic development and transportation, and to strengthen our political representation at the state and federal levels. 

The United States Census Bureau 's decision to include a question about citizenship status could imperil evidence-based efforts to achieve an accurate 2020 count. That is why Maryland has joined 17 other states and the District of Columbia in litigation to reverse this decision and ensure all Baltimore residents are counted.  

It will take a team comprised of city officials, community agencies, and  YOU, the passionate residents of our beloved Baltimore to make sure #BmoreCounts in 2020. '

​April 23 Open House: Please Join Mayor Young, Congressman Cummings and others for the Census 2020 Open House

Did you know that being counted brings over $16 billion a year to your City and State?  Come out to the Census 2020 Open House, hosted by the Baltimore Complete Count Committee, at Poly High School on April 23rd, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm!

Every person not counted leaves $1,800 of funding on the table, and we need Baltimore to get its share. Over 50 State and Federal programs rely on Census data – from the School Breakfast and Lunch Programs, to Medicare and Medicaid – and we need your help to ensure the programs stay funded and that #bmorecounts.                    

Please share this event with your friends and family on social media:

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/397848431013078/

If you can't make the Open House, you can still review the Action Plan today: http://bit.ly/censusplan

Sign up for the Census 2020 email list to get more alerts: https://bit.ly/2K2qbq0

MD Department of Planning to Administer $5 Million Census Grant Program

The Maryland Department of Planning (Planning) is offering grant funding through the 2020 Census Grant Program to support the accurate counting of the state and its local jurisdictions for the 2020 Census.

The 2020 Census Grant Program Panel was established and funded following the passage of Senate Bill 855 (Chapter 18 of the Acts of 2018). 

Local governments and nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply to the Grant Panel through March 1 by going to planning.maryland.gov/MSDC/Pages/census/census-grant-2020.aspx to apply for a portion of the $5 million in matching funds.

The Census Grant Panel will award grants to eligible applicants to conduct census outreach activities throughout Maryland to:

  • Ensure a fair, accurate, and inclusive count for Maryland
  • Increase the response rate of hard-to-count communities and populations in Maryland

The Grant Panel shall make decisions on the award recipients by April 1 and funding will be allocated after July 1. Grant awards will range from a suggested minimum of $25,000 to a suggested maximum of $250,000.